I Help People

who think they are healthy,

get healthy.

-Dr. Wes Fox

You have big goals, inspiring dreams, and lots of ambition for your future

But you’ve probably realized that you need to stop thinking you're healthy and acutally be healthy...

Do you struggle having the energy to get through your day?

Do you need help with brain fog and mental clarity?

Do you want to build resilience to stress, but don’t know how?

Are you lost and confused when it comes to all the fad diets & exercise programs?

Are you ignoring the unwanted signs of aging?

Do you want to build a battle-ready immune system?

Are you ready to learn the real secrets to controlling your weight?

Does all of today’s competing health information make your brain hurt?

Could you use an expert who can show you the ropes?

Then I Can

Help You

I’ve been exactly where you are. I understand your frustrations. I know where you’re stuck, and I know exactly how to help you move forward…

Over the past 8 years, I’ve helped many people, both those with chronic and severe issues to people who thought they were already healthy, to acheive peak health and fitness.

I struggled with panic attacks at the age of 27 when I thought I was healthy.

I’ve since learned how to optimize the 5 major bodily systems to achieve peak health.

I’ve have professionally studied the human body for 10 years to know what makes it tick.

And I’ve helped thousands of clients get their health back and create the thriving life they always wanted, including my own mother who suffered from breast cancer and autoimmunity.

If you’ve neglected yourself or your health, I can help you create personalized lifestyle interventions that will allow you to take back the control.


We Share The SAME GOAL And Are more in COMMON than you think


We share the same goal in life… Health & Vitality

You’re here because you want more out of life. You want to fulfill your potential, you want to experience all that life has to offer, and you realize the most valuable asset of life is time

That means you’re one of us, and you’re on a journey that you don’t need to walk alone…

The fastest way to achieve health is from those who have done the journey… and who can show you the way.


Watch This 46 Minute Talk And

Start Your Healthy Journey Now

Fix Your Gut, Fix Your Brain, Fix Your Health

What People Say About Dr Fox

"Dr. Wesley Fox, a certified DNA optimization coach, a selective functional movement and neurocognitive enhancement specialist has used his business acumen and passion for health to change human lives. He has made it his personal mission to create human performance optimization. His entrepreneurial pursuits in the health and wellness biotech ecosystem, has permitted him to create sustainable longevity and superior health optimization, even spending close to $1 Million to hack his own biology.

Optimizing the body and the brain to create a life worth living was paramount to Wesley. This very same instinctive talent allows him to fiscally-hack and cash flow optimize any business venture he is involved in."

Nik Halik
Founder, 5 Day Weekend

I began working with Dr. Wes Fox after a Doctors check-up and physical. My results revealed high blood pressure, excessive inflammation and border-line diabetes. Initial detailed blood work with Dr. Fox revealed even more issues at the cellular level. Dr. Fox began my new plan at a very reasonable and workable pace with supplements, modest diet improvements and exercise. He is patient and doesn’t overwhelm. Within six to nine month I began to experience significant changes. My blood pressure normalized and I began to phase off of my blood pressure pharmaceuticals. Inflammation and threat of diabetes normalized as well. Now, at age 61, I am more healthy than I have been in twenty plus years. Thanks Dr. Fox!

 - Larry Shaffer

The services your team provides are incredible and the client experience was like nothing else. I have struggled with fatigue and brain fog for years and you helped me find the root cause of it and get my life back.


I have been trying to get my CIU & angiodema under control for a little over 3 years now. PCP, Dermatologist & Immunologist all tell me nothing will help, just learn to live with it. I have tried most all meds including Xolair. "I just can't do that." Have been looking for alternatives for any relief to this crazy itching disease we all share! So 3 weeks ago I started working with Dr Fox. Best thing I've done in 3 years! Dr Fox is awesome! They helped me see what I was doing wrong for my body, so I am now working on correcting everything. I feel like I have my life back! Feel so much better, tons of energy & my hives are coming less & less often & I have had no angiodema. I was so tired of taking all the antihistamines & crap we have to take daily, they make you feel so tired. I am now only taking 1 antihistamine about every 4 days. I hope to quit them completely. My new life style has taught me how to keep the inflammation down out of my body. I am sharing my story so if it will help any 1 person with this horrible condition, I will be happy!!! Feel free to go to the Dr Wes Fox Facebook page & check them out.

- Pam

"Please thank Mr. Shaffer for bringing Dr. Fox to Insperity.  A lot of us, including me, thought we were already knowledgeable about this topic and were not expecting to be enlightened…..but we were so wrong.  He did an excellent job of sharing so much information with us and we left thinking there’s a lot more we can do to improve our health. I’m very happy that Insperity sponsored this session and hope to see more like it!"
--Nancy Auber

The Future of Health Care

There Are Three Health Paradigms You Can Choose

The Medical Model

The Default Choice
  • Great in emergency situations
  • One size fits all approach
  • Treating symptoms with surgery or drugs
  • Lack of specificity or personalization

The Performance Model

The Best Choice
  • Addressing root cause of physiological abnormalities
  • Sustainable long term solutions to your health
  • Customized plans for supplements and nutrition
  • Proper foundational support for your body
  • Long term sustainable results for your health, fitness, and well being

The Alternative Model

The Other Choice
  • Self-directed natural care
  • Lack of precision
  • Trading drugs & surgery for natural remedies
  • May miss important risk factors for disease or illness

Our Process

For Peak Performance & Health


Get a virtual high performance health consultation to learn what could be blocking your optimal body performance with practical steps to address them.

Find the Root Cause

Our team will work with you to determine the appropriate tests necessary to identify the source of your symptoms. Labs that are ordered for you are mailed right to your front door, anywhere in the United States.

Interpret, Analyze, and Customize

Get a follow-up consultation where we uncover the specific interferences with a customized step-by-step blueprint to address them taking into consideration your unique genetic make up.

Sustain and Optimize

Develop long term solutions to sustain and optimize your health. Learn how to upgrade your body’s performance, reverse aging, rejuvenate your body’s stamina and vitality, and prevent disease.

We Don't Work With Everyone...

We Get The Best Results For People Who Are:


This means that you are proactive and ready to take action on the things you learn about yourself and your body in our programs.


This means that you're willing to implement & listen to the recommendations about your health.

Ready For Change

This means you've tried everything else with your health and you're ready to take back control of your health.

If this resonates with you, and you embody the three qualifying factors above, then apply to work with us now.

The Bottom Line

Promoting the greatness between your body and your cells requires a certain amount of precise yet achievable actions on your part.

The Rewards For Acheving Peak Health Are Great

Typical Results

Our Clients See After Completing Our Programs

Increase In Energy

This means that you will have more energy available for anything you're doing. Gone are the days of having to slog through something while being tired and worn out. Be at your best all the time.

Increase In Stress Resilience

This means that you still have the energy left at the end of a tough work day to play with your kids or go for a round of golf

Increase Your Productivity, Performance, & Focus

This means that you will be operating at your highest and best all the time. Most people only operate at a fraction of their potential because their health is holding them back

Decrease Your Disease Promoting Factors

This means that you will see a measurable difference before and after you have completed our protocols

Are You Ready To Find Out

How Healthy You

Really Are?