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From the Desk Of Dr. Wes Fox


My name is Wes Fox and I want to help you optimize your body’s overall health for peak performance.

Over the past 8 years, I've helped people create a completely customized plan to increase vitality and heal their body from the inside out. So many people come to us merely existing as a shell of their former selves due to pain and symptoms caused by undiagnosed conditions. 

After working with us clients not only add years to their lives, but are healthier and in better shape than they have ever been.

The way that we help our clients get these life changing results is by using our unique 5-step cellular and genetic analysis system to optimize your body’s overall health for peak performance on a molecular level.

And I think I can help you too.

So... Why do I do what I do?

Because I love giving people who have suffered for years their lives back.

Starting Out

For years my wife and I both struggled with our health. We struggled with digestive issues, depression, brain fog, fatigue, suicidal thoughts and many other life altering symptoms. 

We had the knowledge and tools to make radical change, but hadn’t implemented the strategies that would promote total health and wellness at the source.

After struggling with and finally conquering our own ongoing health problems, we knew firsthand how treating illness topically can rob you of life. We made it our mission to help as many people as possible find & remove the cause of their issues and essentially give them their life back.

First Successes

When we first shifted our practice to really help people optimize the performance of their bodies, the response was great. Very rapidly, we reached our max capacity of clients to serve in our brick and mortar location. 

It’s incredibly frustrating to know that you have resources available that can literally save people’s lives yet have no way to reach them. We knew we wanted to help more people but had no way to scale our physical location.


Everything was great...

until we realized our own lives were at risk again.

Our clients were getting massive results. We were flooded with referrals and were working excessively long hours, committed to helping as many people as possible. The problem was that it was starting to affect our own health, our own home and our own family.

We wanted to continue to make an impact but the extended hours away from home was a cost we weren’t willing to pay long term.

The new direction

To help us continue our mission to help others radically improve their overall health and wellness, without sacrificing our own health and precious time with our family we decided to shift our system to an online concierge model.

By doing so, we are now able to reach millions of struggling individuals at the same time without getting sucked into the confines of a brick and mortar clinic.

Ready To Get in the Best Shape of Your Life?


Now, I am the most sought after human optimization expert in the country.

We help thousands of individuals who are tired of a one-size-fits-all health approach analyze their unique body makeup and create a custom health optimization plan.

While traditional medicine takes a symptomatic approach to treating health issues our advanced cellular and genetic analysis identify underlying causes at their source.

But I haven’t forgotten where I've come from.

Because of that, I want to help you live the life you deserve too.

I want to help you wake up with vitality feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

I want to help you increase cognition and clarity by reducing brain fog and fatigue.

I even want to help you live a life free of debilitating pain caused by diseases that are keeping you from living life to the fullest.

If you want to get in the best shape of your life and optimize your body for peak performance - you should schedule a consult now.

To Your Success,
Dr. Wesley Fox

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