How to Overcome Autoimmune Disease

This is what it looks like when you get to the cause of your health issues! How many people do you know who are completely hopeless when it comes to their diagnosis or lack there of? Some of you have struggled, trying everything under the sun to get relief from your symptoms. Struggled to know what to eat and how to heal and blindly taken supplements or medications in hopes that something would help. This is the consultation we did with Pam going over her original symptoms after care with My Gene Pro. “Test don’t guess”. How do you know if something is healthy for you? How do you know a certain supplement or food is benefiting you? Wouldn’t it be freeing to KNOW what your body needs and why it needs it instead of crossing your fingers your coconut oil consumption is going to help you be your healthiest lol. It’s all in your genes! By looking at Pam’s unique DNA blueprint, lifestyle and blood work we were able to construct a plan that would help draw her hidden potential to the surface, giving her body a chance to heal and feel better than ever.

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Fix Your Brain, Fix Your Gut, Fix Your Health

Watch this talk with Dr. Wes Fox Instantly

Dr. Wes Fox

Fix Your Brain, Fix Your Gut, Fix Your Health

Watch this talk with Dr. Wes Fox Instantly

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Dr. Wes Fox

My name is Wes Fox and I want to help you optimize your body’s overall health for peak performance.

Over the past 8 years, I've helped people create a completely customized plan to increase vitality and heal their body from the inside out. So many people come to us merely existing as a shell of their former selves due to pain and symptoms caused by undiagnosed conditions.

After working with us clients not only add years to their lives, but are healthier and in better shape than they have ever been.

The way that we help our clients get these life changing results is by using our unique 5-step cellular and genetic analysis system to optimize your body’s overall health for peak performance on a molecular level.

And I think I can help you too.

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