Placenta Encapsulation and Post Partum Depression

Placenta encapsulation! Say it with me! So there’s a few things we’ve got to get over when it comes to pregnancy and birth (it ain’t all pretty lemme tell ya) and placenta encapsulation is one of them.

Being pregnant with our third bun in the oven I fully plan on encapsulating my placenta (again) because of the amazing benefits it comes with. Benefits like: helping relieve post partum depression, providing a much needed boost of energy, preventing PP achne and for some… helping prevent extreme PP hair loss AND it can help with milk supply.

I was a naive first time mom when I declined placenta encapsulation. I thought “nope. Gross. I won’t need it. I’m not a depressed person so I doubt I’ll have PPD”. Wrong.

There are many lessons in hindsight and by the second baby I was willing to do just about anything to avoid PPD, the 12 year old boy achne breakouts, the feeling of having zero energy, and the insane amount of hair I lost oh and the fact that my milk supply was MIA.

I was skeptical and so very pleasantly surprised when I started taking the placenta capsules and realized my milk came in like the Niagra Falls! I was able to freeze and store over 150 ounces in the first 6 months PP (I wasn’t able to do that in the first 12 months with my first born). I had energy for days and felt like the transition to new motherhood was smooth and way more enjoyable seeing as I didn’t have PPD. Talk to your midwife about placenta encapsulation and share this with your favorite pregnant person ?.

Fix Your Brain, Fix Your Gut, Fix Your Health

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Dr. Wes Fox

Fix Your Brain, Fix Your Gut, Fix Your Health

Watch this talk with Dr. Wes Fox Instantly

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