Cellular Level Blood Testing & DNA Testing Bundle


This set of testing is designed to give a true picture of your health and uncover abnormalities that may be holding you back from High Performance Living & True Health.



Cellular Level Blood Testing & DNA Testing Bundle

Cellular Level Blood Testing
Live blood analysis is a unique health check which gives a clear picture of your true health and is the only way to detect certain conditions. It evaluates the internal environment known as the biological terrain and addresses areas of imbalance suggested by your blood pictures. The test is able to provide a composite of over 50+ aspects from your live blood.

DNA Testing Bundle
Your genetic blueprint is the foundation of the human system, it doesn’t change. However, this genetic code can be expressed in a multitude of different ways based on Epigenetics- how nature and nurture interact. This test allows you to find out how your genes are expressed so you can build a health plan customized specifically for you.


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