Beginner to Intermediate

The Fresh Start Academy

This monthly program designed is for people who want to want to go from "I THINK I'm healthy" to "I KNOW I'm Healthy" with timely actionable self-study health info.

Here's just a taste of what's in this program:

  • Access to Dr. Fox's entire library of online self-study courses
  • Access to Dr. Fox's cutting edge research library
  • Access to the private member's only Fresh Start online community
  • Access to monthly LIVE Fresh start group coaching calls
  • Access to Dr. Fox's Fresh Start tool box.
  • Everything you need to get and stay healthy...


How Healthy Am I?
(Testing Bundle)

This set of testing is designed to give a true picture of your health and uncover abnormalities that may be holding you back from High Performance Living & True Health.

Here's just a taste of what's you'll see from these tests:

  • Identify root causes to health concerns
  • Detailed DNA & Blood testing analysis that will reveal any health issues
  • Customized health protocols or programs based on the testing results
  • Live feedback call  with Dr Wes Fox to go over findings and recommendations.
Beginner to Advanced (Testing is the root of high performance living)

$2,994 $1599


Let’s Get Healthy!
(6-Mth Program)

This 6-Month long program is specifically for health conscious people who want personalized functional health protocols to help them reach peak performance and health.

In This Program, you’ll learn:

  • About your body from a cellular level with individualized testing protocols
  • About your risk factors for gut health, hormone balance, your auto-immune disorders, chronic illness, and other health symptoms
  • About your ideal diet for your particular body and gene type
  • About your ideal exercise protocols for peak health
  • Designed to resolve your chronic health concerns
  • Lab analysis and interpretation
  • Coaching calls
  • 24/7 Email Support
Who is this for:
The Everyday Health Conscious People & The Symptomatic


I Know I’m Healthy
(12 Mth Program)

This year long total body concierge program is specifically for High Performance Individuals, Athletes or those with serious illness who want to achieve Peak Performance & Health in record time.

In This Program, we will:

  • Work directly with Dr. Fox to build a perfect health plan for your life
  • Have advanced individualized lab testing to identify healing opportunities.
  • Focus on optimizing whole health (not just on managing symptoms)
  • Educate you on lifestyle modifications (not just medication, supplements, or food restrictions).
Advanced - Entreprenuers, Athletes, or Serious Illness