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We help organizations improve from the inside out using our unique formula that helps every team member achieve optimal health and performance. We create lasting change within the individual team members of your organization. The result is increased employee engagement, greater focus and productivity, and overall improved business results.


We know that corporations are undergoing tremendous change which can create stress, low morale and lack of productivity among employees. Our unique programs helps your team mitigate these stresses so they can perform at their best.


Due to the rising cost of healthcare and rapidly emerging technology, the healthcare industry must face these challenges in innovative ways. The status quo no longer works. Our programs will help your business stand out from the crowd so you can attract and retain top talent.


With many unknown factors organizations must be prepared for swift, agile, and efficient changes which require proper education. Help your organization stay on top of emerging health information and technology with our training programs.

Dr. Wes Fox

Dr. Wes Fox has spent the last decade working with high performers all over the world to attain true health. I'm here to make achieving peak performance easy so you can live and work at the top of your game everyday without the stress of worrying about your health.

Dr. Fox Guides companies on getting life changing results by using his unique 5-step system to optimize your body’s overall health for peak performance to get the most out of your work day.

Reaching your health potential in the midst of adversity is going to be key for success over the next years. Without your health there is no wealth. We are in the middle of one of the most intense times in history and what you do now can shape your future for years to come.

Let my seamless and easy approach help guide thru this and give you what matters most LIFE.

What We Solve

Image what your organization would be capable of when it is filled with individuals who are less stressed and willing to change so they can become more engaged, creative, and productive


Studies show that the #1 reason for disengaged or distracted employees is underlying health issues and not having good resources or communication policies within the organization to take care of themselves.


Today’s distracted and busy lifestyles have a negative effect on physical and mental health of your team members. These all impact performance and productivity, so one of the best ways to improve your team's collaboration and output is to help them improve their stress resiliance.


In any organization, the team follows the leaders. A leaders stress resilience, health habits, and ability initiate and cope with change all spill over into their team. Our programs are designed to help your organization achieve peak performance from the top down.

What Customers Are Saying

"Dr. Wesley Fox, a certified DNA optimization coach, a selective functional movement and neurocognitive enhancement specialist has used his business acumen and passion for health to change human lives. He has made it his personal mission to create human performance optimization. His entrepreneurial pursuits in the health and wellness biotech ecosystem, has permitted him to create sustainable longevity and superior health optimization, even spending close to $1 Million to hack his own biology.

Optimizing the body and the brain to create a life worth living was paramount to Wesley. This very same instinctive talent allows him to fiscally-hack and cash flow optimize any business venture he is involved in."

Nik Halik
Founder, 5 Day Weekend

Our Process

For Organizational Performance & Health


Our first step is to get in touch with us using the form below so we can start an organizational performance evaluation.

On this call we will learn what could be holding your organization back from a health and performance perspective and lay the ground work for so you can build a high performance team.

Find the Root Cause

We’ll discuss the issues your organization or teams are facing, what your struggles or specific “pain points” are, and the optimum outcome you’d like to see in your organization. We take this time to really listen to your needs.

We will develop a plan to help heal and grow your organization.


Interpret, Analyze, and Customize

After thoroughly understanding your team and organizational needs, we’ll put together a proposal that will support your change efforts.

Depending on your specific goals, we may further develop a program customized to your organization’s needs. This may include leadership development, team development, or other follow-up coaching opportunities.


Sustain and Optimize

Our training program is customizable and can be delivered in one day or over a series of days or weeks.

Develop long term solutions to sustain and optimize organizations for long term health and performance.

Let's Get Started

Complete the form below to request more details. Please note due to the volume of inquiries we are only able to respond to queries related to booking a corporate training with one of our consultants. Simply fill out the form below and provide us with the details of your inquiry.

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